Welcome to

Coffeebeans Café

Thank you for choosing our café! Grab a hot or cold beverage and maybe a snack. Hopefully you will enjoy your stay here!

Our Staff

Meet your Baristas! Get to know the passionate individuals behind the scenes who make your café experience delightful and memorable.

Kaeya Aster

As one of the managers of the cafè, Kaeya worked hard to make it happen. Wanting to share two of her favourite things, coffee and sweets, kept her going. She is a sweet and kind individual and is happy to serve you some coffee, tea and anything the heart desires. Don't hold back to say hello, she may be shy but loves meeting new people!

Jaime Aster

An adventurer at heart, Jaime spent most of his time focusing on solving other people's "problems" for gil. This all changed when he met the love of his life and settled down to help her live her dream of running her own cosy Café. Despite being antisocial by nature Jaime does secretly enjoy spending time with others and trying to brighten other people's day where possible.

Rinh Kazetori

Rinh is a sweet and adventurous individual, she will always try to brighten someone's day. She was taken in by Kaeya after she tried to steal some of the goods and has been her apprentice since. Rinh takes her spot at the Café seriously but would still steal a snack or two while no one was looking.

After Eight

This able seafarer is a long time firm friend of Jaime's, he's willing to do anything for a quick cut of gil but deep down he has a heart of gold. He requested to join the team after spending some time sampling the sweet treats and hot drinks and deciding he wanted to learn the craft to share with others.

Our Rules

  • Treat each other respectfully

  • Discriminatory language and hate speech is forbidden.

  • Keep it SFW

  • No political or religious discussions, this is a place to relax.

  • No direct & indirect threats

Please don't hesitate to report anyone going against the rules, we're only humans and can miss violations.

Café Gallery

About Us

CoffeeBeans came to be with the intention of making a place for people to relax in. Offering a SFW environment with coffee, tea, sweet treats and other various goodies to fill your stomach with. It doesn't matter if you visit us to unwind after a long week, for some quiet before clubbing or just to enjoy some cup of coffee and a calm environment. Our team will be ready to serve you with a warm welcome!
We currently offer three different seating areas.

  • Enjoy your treats at night-time in our cozy Starlight Lounge!

  • Take in natures gifts while indulging in various treats in Verdant Blue!

  • Relax and kick back in our warm Alpine Cottage!

Silver Duck

In the beautiful surroundings of Kugane lies the house that holds The Silver Duck. With its beautiful bar and lounge, anyone and everyone is welcome through its doors. Combine the renowned signature drinks together with the finest music from some of Eorzea's greatest bards and you'll surely have a night to remember.


Established in August 2022, The Miqo'tea Room is the purr-fect place to unwind and relax after adventuring, battling, and crafting.
Our tea room is great for those who enjoy socialising and roleplaying with our main focus in creating a calm atmosphere. We offer a unique environment fit for those of us who enjoy a little bit of peace, a place to make friends, and somewhere to just...be.